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These music lessons are designed for music freshers and for young children in the developmental stage of learning to recognise rhythm, melody and notes. Main focus of this program is to instil interest and passion for piano and Keyboard in their lives. Music Classes are customized to their individual pace of learning.


This program involves piano and keyboard lessons for beginners who have a background in music, but are not connected with the fundamentals and basics. Here, they learn to recognize, read and write notes fluently and practice through method books and supplemental pieces. Students learn to play in a variety of styles including classical, pop and jazz.


This program involves piano and keyboard lessons for children /adults who already have theoretical and practical confidence in playing the instrument. Students will learn to play all elements of music together at the same time on the piano/keyboard. They are trained to the level of performing and improvisation with a very strong foundation in theory, techniques and more.

Our programs are compatible with all internationally-recognized exams and certifications.

For more information on programs, drop your questions to us and we’ll get back to you soon.


Our student has certified ABRSM 


Our student has certified ABRSM 

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Quality Lessons

Monitored, international standard method of teaching.

Individual Attention

Training pace tailored and customized as per individual’s strength and weakness.

Parental Involvement

Stronger student, teacher and parent connection. Instant feedback and suggestions are given.

International Certification

Private tutoring provides appropriate goal-setting opportunity for professional career in music.

Committed Teachers

Receive undivided attention and dedication from tutor.

Music Theory

Incorporated music theory lessons and ear training to get complete musical knowledge.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. Our students take up internationally recognized and certified exams for all grades and levels. The major certified exams include ABRSM and Trinity. All of these are written by most of our students as they pass through higher grades.

No. Taking piano lessons for passion and hobby is just fine, if you are not building a career in music. Nevertheless, all students have to practice core skills to proceed. Therefore. Exams are beneficial and crucial to a student’s music lessons.

Musical talent is not only possessed through family genes. Anyone can explore their musical gifts with the help of a dedicated teacher and a right method of learning. Musical environment can be created at home as well, for children to learn and appreciate music.

There is no time duration to learn piano and keyboard. A lot of factors come into picture while learning instruments like these. Your grasping abilities, movement of your fingers, how much time you spend practicing daily, patience, regular attendance and so on. Ideally it should take about 3 to 6 months to get the hang of it. You must be able to learn to read music, create your own tunes and have the right finger movement and coordination.

This is a very common question we get from parents. To answer your question, no, it’s not too young to take keyboard lessons for kids aged 4 and above. In our experience, kids of that age have consistently shown positive results while playing instruments. They grasp quickly and recognize notes faster. If they show shown peek interest in keyboard, the best thing to do is allow them to explore the music world through an experienced keyboard trainer.

You can use piano/keyboard that is available in the academy while you’re here, but for consistency and better results, you may want to consider buying one, to make your piano classes worthwhile.



I started piano lessons few months ago in June not knowing anything and already my confidence is going through the roof!!! I feel I learned so much in this short period of time. My teacher is very patient and takes his time to make sure you know everything you need to know especially if you have zero experience. I highly recommend philips piano academy to anyone at any level if you want a personal experience of playing piano.
Best keyboard classes in Bangalore
Vysakh Sreedhar
Ajith is a great instructor. The methodology he is following to teach is quite easy to follow. I've been learning under him for about a year now, and I admit that I've learned a lot. He will start with basic of music/piano, such as what is a note, and gradually proceed towards more complex sheet music. The continues practice and learning methodology helps me to improvise everyday, and master complex songs within a week. He's got a great infrastructure. 3 digital pianos, notable ones such as Yamaha CLP 645, and in great condition. With not more than 2 students practicing at a time, he gives you the perfect amount of attension one needs while learning. Such qualities make him one of the finest instructors in Bangalore.
Piano classes near me
Himanshu Janawadkar
Amazing !!! Best thing is you will get real experience on piano and individual attention to each student from Ajith Sir. He is so experienced and a great pianist, happy to get right academy at right time. 🙂
best keyboard classes near me
Ashwin Das


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