The Global Pandemic has changed our way of life and how we engage in a day to day life, all thanks to the modern technology we are able to stay connected virtually and the same had to be applied to Academics, Business etc. Here the idea of virtual lessons is to transform an individual’s learning space into a dynamic, interactive learning environment where one can apply the concepts they learn at the comfort of your home.

All you need is fast internet connection; you can sign up for live online piano lessons with Philips Piano Academy. Our sessions are curated with utmost care which makes it possible for an online class to be as good as a physical class or even more so Philip's Piano Academy can accomplish just as much via Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime.

What we offer at Philip’s Piano Academy

Learn music theory from your favorite songs

Fun and easy-to-follow video lessons from skilled and talented Teachers

Professional, engaging format for all ages A guided learning program at the comfort of your home with advanced technology with relatable concepts to motivate you

Learn notes, chords, accompaniment & more – faster than ever

Ear Training

Major & Minor Chords.

Reading Music & Chord Charts.

Major, Minor, Pentatonic & Blues Scales

Music theory includes sight reading ,techniques , improvisation,advanced practice tips,professional coaching,international method books. Every aspect to help you grasp even the most versatile arrangements of a song.

Learn proper techniques for sitting at the piano, hand position, reading notes and rhythms, and playing chords. Learn about melodic and harmonic intervals, syncopated notes, triads, progressions, triplets, and more.

Benefits of Online Piano Lessons

Benefits of Online Piano Lessons

Teacher Quality and Selection
unfortunately, many students do not select high-quality teachers. you used to be trapped and did not understand the methodology and concept. whether or not you had a good teacher in your area, you should determine the standard of your music education and choose accordingly. You can take piano lessons from some of the best and most talented piano teachers on the planet, no matter where you live, in this modern world of internet learning. You can find hundreds of options online, ranging from live video conferencing with expert teachers to random YouTube tutorials that will teach you how to play almost any song you want. Although there are several online lessons available to teach you how to play a specific song or a new technique, only a few have a comprehensive curriculum. Make sure the online piano lessons you select are appropriate for your individual piano learning objectives.

Flexible Schedule
When you practise with a private music teacher, you set aside time each week to meet with them. This time slot would fit into both your and your teacher's schedules. This makes scheduling much more difficult if you're a parent trying to fit piano lessons for several children into your family's weekly schedule

Keep Learning Seven Days a Week
When you take traditional private lessons, you don't get to communicate with your teacher again until the next week. If you're having trouble with something, you'll have to wait until the next lesson to ask for help. You won't get any more help before your next lesson if you finish your assignment early and want to move on. Even worse, if you're practising anything wrong, you might not realise it for a week.

More than Just Lessons
Learning online gives you access to a whole new world of immersive possibilities. Lessons with specifically structured practise guides may also be available to help students balance their practise time between learning new songs, reviewing old songs, and honing skills like technique, improvisation, and transposition. Take a few minutes while comparing online teachers to see what additional materials are available.

Your musical journey is safe with Philip’s Piano Academy as we have an extremely talented piano teacher that will guide you on your journey, nurturing and nudging you as required, but ultimately, it is your journey