If you’ve started making new year’s resolutions, you should consider adding some of these to the list! While you are busy learning piano and keyboard, you might want to think about saving some of that time for your practice as well.
Here are five resolutions that will keep your going with your piano practice.

1.Maintain a practice log
We as a whole have various plans and needs with regards to music. This is the ideal opportunity to work with your piano instructor to take things to the next level. One dependable approach to do this is by keeping up a piano practice diagram or log, where you have clear week-to-week directions from your instructor. In addition to the fact that it is an approach to better structure, your piano practice guarantees that you’re straightforward about whether you’ve met your piano practice objectives.

2. Join your local music gatherings
There is a great deal to be gained from your neighborhood music network. It includes talented music experts, orchestra and jazz ensemble individuals, mentors, store and club proprietors, and so forth. These are the regular individuals who run neighborhood music competitions, celebrations, and different occasions that might open paths for you.
So, the New Year is a decent opportunity to join an professional association or music club and go to shows and fests. Also, you’ll meet people who could potentially help you in the future.

3. Start fresh!
As a learner, you will have a few piano recitals consistently through the year. While these exhibitions can be unnerving, there’s no need to be terrified. With a little practice, you’ll be okay. Simply understand that nobody is going to practice for you. It’s closely difficult to fake an incredible performance. Accordingly, make a decent approach that will give you sufficient opportunity to have an extraordinary show, with a difficult piece you can be happy to perform.

4. Dig into new opportunities
As a student, you’ve likely previously understood that the quest for genuine musicianship is deep rooted and endless. With the Internet, however, there is no restriction to the choices of what you can ingest, past the walls of conventional higher education. With a large number of YouTube recordings made by experts and websites, for example, Coursera and iTunes have whole courses and talks made by known universities, for example, Berklee School of Music, in subjects including music theory, music production, and business.
In case you’re searching for a progressively vivid experience, you can look for either a non-degree course at a local college or a workshop with visiting artists and educators. As a young student, you can search for youth ensembles and clubs to join. In the event that there aren’t any, discover an tutor and start one!

5. Look forward to try new things
Music is a steady developing workmanship and you ought to be too. Tuning in to new artists, trying new genres, and testing yourself with new techniques will make you a better piano player. You can likewise drive yourself to perform more, in various fields and with various kinds of ensembles. Perhaps you’ve never composed a melody, or entered a challenge, or made a video of yourself.