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Meet Ajith Philip

I have been teaching piano and keyboard professionally for 10 years and have conducted private lessons for more than 500 students till date. I have taught students of all age groups, starting from 4 year old. I have worked with newbies, intermediate students and advanced level students and helped them ease their way into their musical careers.

Ajith Philip
Piano Tutor
Philip's Piano Academy


I started out Philips Piano and Keyboard Academy with a vision to help students push their musical limits and explore the boundless world of music. I believe that, with the right way of coaching, students are always motivated and inspired to learn and create extraordinary music with the tip of their fingers!

I teach private lessons exclusively for piano and keyboard at my academy in Koramangala. Every student gets separate time slot every week for one-on-one sessions. If unsure of any programs, you can make a phone call, book a trial lesson or visit the academy to get a clearer picture.

Ajith Philip



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